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Sonic Funeral

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Sonic's Deathbed was kinda popular so I did a quick sequel.
Yes, some frames were reused, but so was the general theme.
F33d me plz: https://www.patreon.com/Ant0ons
Part 3 coming very soon

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Now I know that Mario will always be right by Sonic’s side from now on and get his revenge on the death of his best friend.

100% gay

I would have love to see robonic show up to the funeral it would have been a bigger impact!

how about the deathbed of picoday? where has all the goodtime gone too?

*Plays* Oh i hate this.

Oh i hate this so much!

You know what, your style is unique.
Every artist is different, but this is some morbid stuff bro. Morbid stuff.
Why do you insist on making people cry? Did you lose someone you love too?

Ant0on responds:

Thank you, and it's a good question you made. I have always had a special connection to the concept of death, it is not something I think about 24/7, but it definitely motivates me in terms of how much time left I have to make something meaningful in this lifetime.

About losing someone, I my dad died not long ago, but I also lost 99.9% of all my friends, but they are not dead, they are just not there anymore.