Deep Cut - Kinetic Typography

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Author Comments

Time to lay down some truth.
This is not gonna be nice and you're not gonna thank me for it.

Done in After Effects. Recorded using Audacity.

- Made at The Chapsterhood. http://chapsterhood.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheChapsterhood

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Typography was well done, but it's funny you should use Confucius as your example rather than Jesus Christ. Confucian ideals did very little to change the world for the better. Christian ideals, however, actually work.

The rest of the content comes off as a giant ad hominem with no inkling of a solution. In that sense, you're wallowing in the same sad nihilism you indict the rest of the population for sitting with.

TheFerridge responds:

You are precisely right! Well, besides the nihilism, because I'm not saying at all that nothing matters or that nothing can be done.

I made those writing choices because, above all, what I'm on about in the film is how much hypocrisy and complacency piss me off, and I attempted to make you just as pissed off by the end.

Otherwise, I didn't feel arrogant enough to inflict any solution on people. But I take the view that if I manage to piss you off, that rage will push you forward toward a solution of your very own.

Really well made video essay, dude.

You matched the music greatly with the text and voice over.
The text appeared at a great pace.

I think your intention for this was to convey a message in a persuasive way.
I don't feel persuaded nor did I get the message.

Maybe you can get some inspiration from these guys, they convey persuasive messages really well in my humble opinion that is :D

Thanks a lot!
So emotional :)

If you claim to give me uncomfortable truth, then allow me to give you a piece of uncomfortable truth as well.

The animation, the typography, is well done. Maybe not as dynamic as RicePirate's 'Dot Dot Dot', but still clear, and eye-popping, and sombre for the tone of the actual thing.

I will thank you for the truth of Confucius having tried to right wrongs in the people around him, I will thank you for that. I will thank you for pointing out the inner 'comfortable' nature that we tend to slink into as persons.

Aside from that, it gets into some pretty incoherent rambling. I could make neither head or tail of the structure apart from a few glimpses into the subject matter. It changed so quickly between moments. I only got a few sections staying in my head: Confucius' death, governments claiming to be one thing but doing another, people being comfortable, and 'fuck you'. All that didn't even make sense when put together, of course, because there are meant to be things that join them, but they were joined so loosely.

Plus, it fails to take into account:

1) Confucius may have been a good man for his time, but there are many principles of his that are unconscionable in our modern understanding. For example, North Korea is basically a dictatorship BASED ON Confucian thought, and at the helm of it is a complete subordination to one's parents, because you don't choose your parents. That same logic basically causes the Kims to stay in power. That sort of logic, applied in a lesser extent, causes children to not be their own persons and I have had friends who were subjected to that sort of logic, obviously for worse. It justified all sorts of abuse in the name of parents being the 'bosses'. You aren't meant to speak out if they do wrong, because they're your parents -- and that's the long and short of it. And yet, what justifies Confucius saying 'obey your parents like that' and then, speaking out against his country and presumably the Emperor of China?

2) You forget the people who refuse to be comfortable, and go out of their way to make things better for people, only to get fired, murdered, or killed. You put a blanket blame on everyone without realising that some of the people watching... are *precisely* those people who got clandestinely fired, gotten rid of, abused, tortured. I speak as someone who grew up outside of the big G7 or G20 cities and experienced all this first-hand, who had publicly spoken out about things like this, and had to flee due to fear of what would happen to me.

I don't know if you're doing this to really make people better, or to just hurl blame at people for the sake of doing so. I cannot gauge your intention from just watching this. But the strawman in this video is so big, it's the elephant in the room.

Get the full extent of your facts right, and then maybe, just maybe, you'll be on to something at last.

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Jul 1, 2017
7:36 PM EDT