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Lloyd: Episode 2

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Episode 2: My Big Fat Geek Buddy

While Glynis urges him to find a friend, Lloyd takes on a case of a horny sasquatch being pursued by two hunters.


YouTube Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4W9QhcpN-ys


LLOYD is a series created by Brad "The Cinema Snob" Jones and animated by us here at Toonwerks. We'll be putting up episodes here at later dates but you can find the latest episodes and commentaries on Brad's website: http://www.thecinemasnob.com/lloyd


Stoned Gremlin Productions:


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This is so solid, I would really expect an emphatic yes if you went to adult swim and made a sales pitch. I'm serious. Do it.

Though I'm wondering about the cat people, they do have tails then? He said so, in his sex story. Lloyd's tight suspender pants doesn't seem like there is any room to hide anything. Where are they hiding them, shoved up their butts?

This reminds me of saturday morning cartoons.

Great story, great voice acting.
Good flash animation. Its very ambitous and well made.

The backgrounds looked flat, but the character designs were good.

Why are they all furries please.

Like the animation and it was totally ludicrous.

loved it, faved it, awesome! :D 5/5