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If Bill Cipher Was An Overwatch Hero

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If Bill Cipher was an Overwatch Hero. This took me 4 months to make with the character drawings, background drawings, scripting, voice acting, music, sound effects and the actual animation itself. I am glad you watched this video and would really appreciate a like to help encourage me to make more animations in the future. Please subscribe if you would like to see my other animations both in the past and ones upcoming in the future!

Pretty much this is a video about if Bill Cipher, an evil god from Gravity Falls was a character in the Game Overwatch. He would probably kill people, possess their bodies and destroy the entire game... for fun.

Once again thank you for your support as well as over 1 million views over on YouTube! I'll hopefully see you in the next video!

I would love it if you watched the original video here and perhaps leave a like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AxwUJsR12bA

I would also really appreciate if you checked out my other animations on my YouTube animation channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXWW1GphIwp5H3W7wBpcNcg

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SO FREAKEN AESOME!!;D(laughing in tears)

Deltaplanet responds:

Thank you :D

The animation too stiff.: (

Deltaplanet responds:

It's my style! XD

zaryas voice was on point haha

Deltaplanet responds:


It was pretty alright. I do recommend fixing your poses and your line work. The poses look really stiff and the line art is way too thick. However, i do enjoy the creativity you did by having Bill Cipher interact with the Overwatch characters. Overall, it's a pretty fun cartoon that has visual flaws that can be improved in the later future. :)

Deltaplanet responds:

Thanks, thick outlines and the animation type is my style btw and I'll be sticking to it.