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Work In Progress is a short movie about a factory employee that learns his place in the cycle of progress and is forced to deal with his own obsolescence.

I tried to find new ways to combine 2D and 3D animation. I used moving textures on 3D objects.
I made this short with Autodesk Maya and Toon Boom Harmony.

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I really liked this a lot. It took me a while to understand the theme of the story, but made more sense at the end. The art was spectacular, the animation, story and sound effects were all great. I don't really understand why the original robot decided to destroy itself at the end. It makes sense that it would want to do it to aid progression in this machine learning environment. I don't think he would do it because he has free will, and might choose not to throw himself away after climbing te whole way up the shaft. Good animation

I really dig the little world you made for these robots. It feels complete. Composition for the shots are on point. The design works nicely. My only crit was the scene where the 1.0 met the 2.0 and they really didn't interact much. 1.0 went through the trouble of climbing up the chute then just jumped back down. I felt like there could have been conflict or some development between them. Great work!

pretty cool

That was fantastic! Can you tell me how did you integrate the 2D animation with the 3D work done in Maya? Did you build the background in Maya and then traced everything in ToonBoom? It looks amazing, thank you for posting. You told a powerful story without a single word of dialogue.

quorkus responds:

Thank you for liking the movie!! i first made the models and animation in maya. Then i created the moving textures in toon boom. I had to write down all the movements and on what frame they started so that the moving textures would synch with the character movement.
Finally i rendered the movie from maya, removed the 3D limbs and replaced them with hand-drawn arms and legs.
If you want a more thorough explaination you should take a look at my portfolio page. you can find it on my author page!

Tragic story, great animation.

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4.00 / 5.00

Jun 29, 2017
4:31 AM EDT