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Therapy Room

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How much do you pay for seeing a professional therapist? And how much do they pay for seeing another professional therapist? And how many of you are part of this cycle?

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I love how you use color and sound. Your work is very inspiring to me. I've been learning to use animation as an outlet for my mental stress, I figured, as a transitioning transwoman,I need to start sharing to the world how I feel. Your work is very abstract and and gets across powerful information/feelings.

This is kinda trippy af and I loved it. The animation was fantastic and the art was creepy and amazing. Fantastic.

I'll be an idiot not to notice the style!

This was absolutely superb. I love the experimental style, the small details (I imagine you must feel particularly proud of the scene in which the guy walks down that bended way) and the imaginery in general. I think it conveys a deep message without having it pre-chewed. Also, I believe it speaks particularly to those in jobs related to customer service, in which you're sometimes a punching ball.

Anyways, I love it. I hope to see more work from you soon. I've already favorited this one.

Positively share-worthy. This goes on my wall...