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BillyBCreations Animation Reel

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Hey everybody! Compiled together a bunch of clips from previous and upcoming cartoons to make a demo reel! Enjoy!

It's been amazing to get to do so many cool things with my animation and I'm always learning and improving, these are just a few clips of what I've done over the past year and a half!
Thank you all for supporting me and helping me out!

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you are a god

Bit strange with so much talking, and so little voice. :) Seeing this, I realize most animation reels seem to keep out those bits, and focus on the ones that fit the music most... if there are any. Good showcase though! Plenty of variation.


BillyBCreations responds:

Thanks man!! Appreciate it!
It's more devoted to the animation itself than the voices and such, but seeing as all of my animation had voice work it'd be weird to go back and forth between different cartoons, making it more of a distraction that anything else! :p