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Birthday 26

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I've always liked your Birthday videos, I myself am twenty six and go through the same motions. (Albeit far less successfully.) It's interesting to see a person from a whole other part of the world experience stuff I do, just goes to show that people can be vastly different yet similar in many ways. As always great quality on your style of animation and even though your music isn't something I usually listen to for the most part it has a message behind it. Though to be honest this one did seem a bit on the apologetic side. other than that this is excellent.

Your Birthday films from teens to 26 are like Boyhood (the movie), but better... cause with songs. (In case some one would watch them in a row.)

Happy Birthday! (a week ago...)

Wow Lazy Muffin is a year younger than me... I'm not jealous at all...nah, not like i'm still in school and dirt shit poor. Bastard.

im 24

good on it