The Mind of Man: Argument

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Since the dawn of humanity mankind has grappled with three questions:

Where did we come from? Where are we going? What's for lunch?

Join us on our expedition to understand the mind of man.

In this short, we examine a civil disagreement between two men.

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Good quality and consistent voice work and sound... It is puppet work (not exactly easy, but hardly the level of inane tedium of other animation styles) but... It's also in the upper echelon of quality and skill in puppet work that I've seen in a while. Good job...
You've clearly got timing and instincts in comedy, and that also shows in this one. The actual writing was a bit of a mix of corn-ball as hell and just a splash of "off the wall". Either of those on its own isn't a terrible facet of comedy, but they would both really gain potential if you mixed in the courage to take risks. I get it... this is a kind of practice run, and you're trying not to piss everyone off at once. Building up to something where you can really speak volumes and wrap it up in chocolate like a professional comic. Well, in comedy, they say you aren't a real comic until you die on stage... The same goes for the screen. You can't build a successful brand in comedy without pissing someone off and receiving a fountain of filth and hate. So... this is a fine display of coming out "flat" and "bland"... Step up the heat a little bit, and don't be afraid to prove all men are really big stupid pigs! Get bold and show off just how crazy, sick, weird, and inane we guys can really be. That's my best advice.... well... that and don't shy away from a hot-button once in a while. Be careful about how hot and how much button-pushing you do (too over the top is just too much)... But you can't shy away from it.
Now, breathe, relax, and keep on keeping on... You'll find your place if you look! :o)

A little more pretentios than it turned out, not too funny.

quite nice

I was impressed with the production value in this, with the nice lighting and color grading, except the piss yellow filter isn't my favorite, I suppose it fits the dingy basement. There was good comedic timing, even if the jokes themselves weren't all that funny. It is the highest quality puppet show I've seen, since the muppets.
Good play

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3.11 / 5.00

Jun 7, 2017
9:49 PM EDT
Comedy - Original