Fire and Ice (Sprite Fight)

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Greetings Newgrounds Peoples and Fans.
This is just a short fight between MK and SF, I ran into some HD sprites for SF and wanted to test my style with them in a short match.

Honestly it’s a pain in the ass working with them due to their size, which means each frame had to be resizing to match MK height size. It’s been interesting working with them as well but I’m not working with SF or MK sprites anymore.
No story or direction, just what it is. XD

So this is my short of saying good bye to them. Lol

Sprites are From Mugen Resources


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I wasn't really feeling this bro... There's a lot more in terms of sprite usage you could've done. I not that hard to make you own spites with the limited amount. Just cut them in pieces. Also, try to experiment with fight development. Make it lead somewhere in terms of the creativity. Try to incorporate a fighting style with each character rather than just using them to throw punches and kicks.

Movement: With your style, I've noticed that you haven't developed much with this, hear me out. There's always a certain stiffness to your movements. For example, if a character is in the air, you fail to make it seem like they are. Like, you don't apply the physics of aerial movement. If someone gets hit to the ground, they never just plop to the ground, add some bounce or at least make it clear. The double spinning bird kick was way too one-directional. Stuff like that is what I'm talking about.
Apart from those tiny things, it was good.

Fighting: Even with this being a short animation, there's a lot you could've added to make this interesting. For example, since we all know that Mortal kombat characters are known for the X-rays now, how about adding a little twist and making the Street Fighter characters do it. Stretch your imagination. Trust me, I'm a big fan of yours, you know this. We've animated together. I'd just like to see you do a little more. Getting projects out consistently is great but getting quality is better.

Can't wait to see more of your work man!

P.S. I need to talk to you about your art as well.

MysticSkillz responds:

Thanks for the info, yes there is more I could of added to this but frankly I just did this for practice run. Customizing sprites is not my style, I had no story or really plan to write one for this anyway so putting to much time into this would be pointless. If you would download the HD SF sprites you'll see how stiff they really are and I had to work with I had. So I do admit this isn't my best work.

Far as art work goes you can PM me about it, I'm going to spend summer building and drawing up more designs till I feel like getting back into animating. Thanks for being a fan, I hope to see more work from you as well.

This isn't bad, I feel a good story could go with this, the tag style has the potential to be really good. Usually the sprites that I've seen is 1 on 1, I think you have what it takes to do a team fight. The ending I feel it was just put there. Potentially, these sprites have what it takes.

MysticSkillz responds:

Thanks, but I really didn't have a story in mind for this. It's just a practice animation really.


MysticSkillz responds:

Thanks :)

This was very well animated and I felt that the combo's and teamwork for both sides were on point. However that ending looked like it was rushed, I feel like a bit more thought could have been put into it. Like you just wanted it over and done with already.

MysticSkillz responds:

Thank you, I admit I did wanted to just end it. One of the reasons I hated to animate SF sprites at times is because the limited moves to work with without doing the same generic style of fighting. If they came with a running segment I would have made it more interesting; thank god MK did.

That was pretty cool. I loved the dynamic fight between the four opponents and i liked how it ended.

MysticSkillz responds:

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it, Not my best work but it was fun animating it.

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Jun 6, 2017
8:25 PM EDT