Trevor Something- In My System (Animated Music Video)

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The song in this video is by Trevor Something from the album “Trevor Something Does Not Exist” which is owned by In Your Brain LLC (as well as an additional sample from the song “Come Back Down”. This video is purely intended to be transformative and not gain profit.

This was a fucking blast. I hope you enjoy!

A special thanks to Linda Mota for providing some extra illustrations. Find her on Newgrounds and support her work!


Also thanks to my friend Lauren for the CG animation. Check out her work here!


Niall Murray of Sleepycabin was kind enough to let me commission him for that awesome thumbnail. Check out his art and the Sleepycabin podcast.


Additional special thanks to some pals for support and letting my bounce ideas off them.

Erin G, Alden, Mark, Bobby, Zeak, Shafer, Garrett, and Lauren B.

Trevor Something has a new album out so check that shit!



You can also follow me on Newgrounds and/or Twitter to stay updated with future projects and art. See ya!


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Smooth beats, nice video to go along with it. The ending was particularly impressive. It was a little strange at times, and I get the message of the video is the whole "reality is perception" thing; but some parts were still hard to follow. Looks like she survived the night eh? Here, have some stars.

Love the fact Oney and co is in this!

Not my kind of visual style. But thumbs up for Tapeworm Tim.

That was one hell of a trip

The character designs were really weird.

The music went really well with the trippy, 1980's retro vibe.

This was interesting to watch.