Sonic Crossover Adventures: ep1

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plot: Bowser and Dr. Eggman team up and decide to kidnap Princess Peach. Since Eggman helped Bowser capture the princess, Bowser has promised to find and give all seven chaos emeralds to Dr. Eggman. Mario tells sonic what had happened and they both team up to fight against Bowser and Eggman, not to mention the other characters featured in this crossover.
CREDITS (sprite creators): Gam1ng k1ng, DEEKMAN, Darkon360, and Rogu1tgot4k.
SFX: dbz and sonic 1.
EMAIL: matthewsuper28@gmail.com


The crossover we always wanted, however very flawed. We don't know how Tails got there, so we assume he was just stalking Sonic, the same could be said for Knuckles, and as for Mega Man... what? There are also plenty of spelling and grammatical errors, and if you plan to turn this into a full-fledged series, I suggest you try to not use shorthand. I also feel it's sort of unnecessary to use elements from Dragon Ball Z (mostly talking about where Mecha Sonic charged up with the typical Dragon Ball charge sound effect), however I think the music track you chose from the Dragon Ball Z GBA games is an interesting touch (it actually took me a while to realize what it was lol). Besides these flaws, I think this could be a nice series, especially since this is what I've always been wanting from Nintendo and Sega when they first announced their Mario and Sonic crossover series. Good luck to you with this, I'll keep watching and posting reviews as necessary.

great work! i like it!

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2.69 / 5.00

May 29, 2017
8:35 PM EDT