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44 Magnum

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44 Magnum is a cerebral Neo Noir story about a veteran detective trying to solve the mysterious mass killings of local mob members. 44 Magnum is heavily influenced by master filmmakers like David Lynch, Nicholas Winding Refn and Hideo Kojima.

In order to hire animators to finish the project, we've set up a kickstarter as well.

For updates on the project. Visit us at https://www.44magnummovie.com

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I'm not sure how much of this is good and how much of this is just someone or something else traced over. I understand that it takes time and effort to rotoscope and layer images, but the movie quality buildings and faces do it a disservice because it is traced from images in a way that anyone could've done. If the story can stand on its own, then write a book or script, but if the animation is trying to sell it, it's too choppy and unrefined to hold its own. I liked parts that looked more original and it clearly has the vision of a passion project, but it just isn't original or clean enough. Ironically, the rotoscope and surreal aesthetic make it generic, because it's borderline impossible to have unique, or even decent animation with that level of detail on everyone and everything. Just speculating, but how long did the motorbike take to do? Longer than it was worth, no matter how well it turned out in the end. If you just made an entire movie rotoscoped, you would need tens to hundreds of dollars, and months, if not years, of constant work just to make it look good enough for people to look past it without being completely distracted by the uncanny effects of the animation quality to think about the writing, because otherwise it's hard to watch. If the writing could stand on its own, then write a script or book, but for what my opinion is worth, it seems to be by people with good work ethic and vision, but without the artistic talent to make it tangible. Sorry.

DoubleDice210 responds:

Thats good criticism. This teaser was sort of done with a compilations of different styles throughout the years. I've adjusted for the animation to be rotoscoped as much as possible with the "A Scanner Darkly" kind of weird vibes.

Writing is done, music is done and voice acting is finally done! Just gotta keep plugging away to complete it.

Cool art work. How did you do the motorcycle animation and the guy running through the door? Is that a 3D model, or are you creating that effect with drawings?

Do hope this is a pilot! :D It looks awesome. Styleful, grim and gritty graphics, effectual animation and music and sound that really builds up the atmosphere. Hope to see more.


Wow, the animation was impressive! I look forward to seeing this in the future. Out of curiosity, was some of this rotoscoped? Looked incredibly smooth so I was just wondering because I always liked the look of it because it reminds me of movies like Heavy Metal.

DoubleDice210 responds:

Thanks for watching!
Yes, there are segments that are rotoscoped. I was inspired by A Scanner Darkly and wanted to tribute that style.

Good job 4*s

Credits & Info

3.90 / 5.00

May 29, 2017
2:22 PM EDT
  • Daily 4th Place May 30, 2017

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