Get Creamed!

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(for the Construct 3 Game Jam)
Succubi are attacking, and they're after your soul! And your mouth!? Dodge and beat your way through those creamy girls as you fight to survive and get the best score possible!

Watch for the telegraphed moves, and dodge with the arrow keys depending on which evil demon is coming your way!

Each arrow correlates with the girl in that direction so the right dodge will dodge the girl on the right etc. A successful dodge means a BRUTAL COUNTER ATTACK which can stun your lovely pursuers.

Punch 3 in a row without taking damage and go mad in RAGE MODE for bonus points and FULL HEALTH!

LEFT ARROW: Dodges + Counters Chocolate Demon
Dodges Strawberry Demon
Fails to dodge Vanilla Demon

UP ARROW: Dodges + Counters Vanilla Demon
Dodges Chocolate Demon
Fails to dodge Strawberry Demon

RIGHT ARROW: Dodges + Counters Strawberry Demon
Dodges Vanilla Demon
Fails to dodge Chocolate Demon

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Should be cmpatible with mobile

The characters designs for the ice cream succubi look very lovely. Maybe if you guys included achievements in this game, it'll probably make it more enjoyable. :-)

I'm comfy with a score of 920, I wish this game got a graphics update because it is golden.

I b e g o n e d a l l t h e t h o t s

402 score!

Credits & Info

3.77 / 5.00

May 29, 2017
12:37 AM EDT
Skill - Avoid
  • Construct 3