Reviews for "Get Creamed!"

my only legit complaint is is that there isn't more of this XD

i actually wanna see more of these characters and maybe even a story, buut i'm sure that isn't what you guys were really intending when you first made it so it's not that big of a deal, the game is still really fun for me, and honestly it's a bit addicting XD

but to me it feels like it ends too soon, if you ever plan on updating it you could add a type of survival mode where you pretty much just keep fighting for as long as you can without any time limits until ya die, now THAT would be fun XD and maybe even some dialogue here and there from the succubi, but until then i'm cool just playing this game over and over again, who the hell needs sunlight anyway? XD

Great game! I could totally see this on steam

A cute little reaction time game. Not much to say

I found the game a little tough to get the timing right, my first time to win the game my score was 177. Still fun and going to play again.

I got a highscore of 715. This game is fresh and features great gameplay!