The Playground

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Enjoy the playground, tooka while to make but sure worth it. please vote and review¨!

Some people are complaining about how to play the game, it's really easy. you just use the mouse and click on enemies heads to shoot, not really difficult. Buttons are to click on. arrows also show up, use them.

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So this one was decent but some better instructions and understanding of the game would be nice it's a fun game maybe too easy


Dafuq am I playing lmfao. First time I played this I was like 8

I thought this was just meh. There should have been music. Your other games are better. I especially think it's a bit too easy. Of course, it does have some unexpected twists and turns. I didn't know you were supposed to shoot the teacher.

How could someone with a ruler kill a guy with a gun? At least the sounds were nice. It was part point and click adventure too. I guess that did make it interesting. It's just too bland.


I love this game make more! It took me like 9-13mins to beat. I like the end when he breaks through the window and drives off. Great game. U get a 5/5. Keep it up.

Dude that was short but sweet!

This game ruled! The best part was killing all of those kids in the classroom!