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I was working on this since August 2016 though I could of finished it earlier if I worked on it more often. This is my second ever Animated Project and the animation quality would be equivalent of my animation quality almost a year ago, I have made big improvements today, so expect better quality next Cartooon!


Ooooo! I actually like the idea of this story!

This is really impressive if you're as old as you say you are. You seem to enjoy creating worlds but with animation it can be really time consuming to bring them to life. If you get tired of working on this project feel free to start a new one- but next time try jumping into the middle of a story or maybe try making a movie trailer for your project. It's a good way to see how excited people might be about your idea and you don't have to put so much work into laying down the groundwork for a whole fictional universe.

A couple other notes:
-Props to you for attempting 180 degree spin at 2:10, I've been animating for years and I'm still scared to try something like that. And you did a pretty good job for where you're currently at!
-I think the hand at the end was some of your best animation in this. Nicely done.
-Where this movie seems to suffer the most is pacing. In the very beginning I feel like you could slowed things down a little bit to let the sadness of the situation sink in. If you can get access to film editing software try drawing your entire film in really rough drawings (like stick figures) and use simple audio to create a rough draft or animatic of the movie so you can get a feel for how long each shot should last. This helped me a lot not just with pacing but planning out my shots and how everything should work together.
-Also, solid voice acting! You got a nice crew together.

Looking forward to your future work!

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InsaneBees responds:

Wow, I'm very appreciative for this!

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May 15, 2017
2:40 PM EDT