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I apologize for the intro and for the name on the bottom. I recently re-branded myself on YouTube and pasted that there lol

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I like this a lot, but it has several problems. The backgrounds are not the best, and the trees and shrubs are a bit too pixellated. My biggest beef is with the Triceratops, though. The extensively filamented Tyrannosaurus I could understand, because it was 2017 when this was uploaded, and as erroneous it is today, it was considered accurate at the time so I don't blame you at all. Different popular consensus at the time. The Triceratops design, however, simply doesn't make sense, Triceratops did not have such extensive filaments on their bodies as far as we understand, nor did the other ceratopsians. Even the ones that do, namely Psittacosaurus, were almost entirely scaly, with the filaments being restricted on top of the tail in the form of bristles. We have various Triceratops skin impressions that show small reticular scales with larger nipple-like scales scattered throughout. That, along with its size and the type of climate it lived in, makes a full body covering of filaments not only unlikely, but also highly impractical. Even if you are a follower of the "ancestrally filamentous" theory it's kind of a stretch to assume that Triceratops needed a coat anymore. Same goes with Tyrannosaurus, but again Ignoring that glaring error, however, you did a great job with animation. It's smooth like butter, and the cinematography, while mostly limited to a 2D plane, looks pretty nice.

KatolSteele responds:

Backgrounds were bad, yeah. I thought they looked amazing at the time lol wtf was I thinking?

The Triceratops is interesting however. There are multiple theories going around right now. For example, there's STILL debate whether Tyrannosaurus was a scavenger or a hunter. Most people go with both but the fact that this is on going for awhile now proves that it can never be right. Much like Spinosaurus being inaccurate in Jurassic Park 3, this was more having fun with the idea that most Dinosaurs were in fact "scientifically proven to be feathered"

but now apparently they only had a small bits... so them being mostly feathered is inaccurate. I will say however, the comment of Trike not needing feathers because of the environment it lived in doesn't stand. American Bison's have full thick fur and they also live in grass plains. "But it snows where they live" there's research to suggest it snowed where Tyrannosaurus and Triceratops lived as well. So it would make sense they would be covered if needed. Which would be the case if it did snow. With so little to go on we can never really know because all we'll ever have is a small set of specific examples

Nice! The backgrounds look purdy good! The heads of the dinosaurs look great. I got some tips and tricks... It kind of looks obvious when you cut corners, especially with textures on the rocks and bushes, you can kind of fix this by slightly adjusting colors and brightness, but i would try steering away from that. It would have been cool to have the bushes in a symbol in which they move, so you could set them to single frame as a standard on the timeline, and as the characters pass each one, set to Loop. so it appears as they brushed against the bushes.
the trees look really good, (i cant even tell how you made them). I really like the variety of color and texture on the trees. That being said, having a highly detailed background, and low level detail on characters, is conflicting and a bit distracting. I would suggest either adding some more texture to the characters, or maybe putting a slight blur to the background.
Darkening the back layer of trees would give a slight illusion of distance, rather than brightening.

anyways, i hope this was hopefully and not annoying. Keep it up brotha

~Eric Polley

KatolSteele responds:

Aha ha! thanks bro. This was a good critique. As always, I have room to improve and I will take all these into consideration. Thanks man

Not bad! I would suggest creating scenes from more varied angles and adding more detail to the artwork, but overall this is cool. Nice job.

KatolSteele responds:

Yeah... Pivot doesn't work like that very well lol. But I will work on that eventually

Poor writing, art wasn't very good, but the animation flowed nicely for what you had.

KatolSteele responds:

The story is super basic... so yeah it's a little plain lol I get it

Art could be better yeah. The Sprites I made kinda suck. But still working on that

and thank you. If there's one thing I'm confident about it's the animation it'self lol