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Mom, Mommy, Mama, Mom... DJ Khaled Remix

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Recently DJ Khaled has gone on a snap spree of annoying his wife on Snapchat. I decided to poke fun of it by making a parody of it using the classic family guy scene. Enjoy!

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Please make more

PointBlankAnimations responds:

Thanks for your review, we will defenitley make more animations. If you want you can check out our youtube channel where we have more animations.

hehehe... clever use of DJ khaled's joke on his wife, with the (now)classic family guy scene of stevie annoying his mom in the same way.

good use of the snap-vid soundfile, and good editing on the (already existing) family guy scene+characters.
did you draw DJ khaled's face on your own?
if yes, congrats! its a good drawing of his face.
if not, its OK... your movie is still good, and i will assume that this was a sprite design of his face.
either way, your movie was funny, and it delivered a good pun.

good work.

PointBlankAnimations responds:

Thank you for your review! And to answer your question, we did draw DJ Khaled's face.