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The Clock And The Lock

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Bluestone's Third Clock Crew Animation.

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Main Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCk9G5obfXCbs7evdulQC-8g

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Hey friend okay video.i was wondering if.......... you know me by now lolololololol how weird is this
Also don't spill our names in case you forget

"Lock, Clock, and Two Smoking Barrels"

like i've said before, this was a great movie, with nice drawings of bluestone-clock and of his enemy, strawberry-lock, having a wild chase scene on horseback and then an epic gun-fight, which results in the final scene, and with bluestone-clock's triumph.

you've drawn all the characters nicely, with some good face/clock/lock expressions, with good characteristics, nicely drawn guns, hats, and with a decent background.

my only objections are that:
-you should add a preloader, or a play/replay button.
but dont worry, because this can be easily fixed in your next movies...

-you should add some shooting sounds, and a western music in your movie.
it would make this already good movie 10 times better!

-the horses should be more detailed/better drawn, for they were quite minimalistic, to say the least.

all in all, this was a good movie, full of action+epic gun fights, but it could be better, if you would add some more things.
keep up the good work, and make more clock-themed movies!
you rock!

BluestoneTE responds:

i already added shooting sounds and western music, in the mp4 version.

the clock crew memes shall be reborn!

BluestoneTE responds:

glad you liked it

could be better but its not bad

also, why is there a fucking bandicam watermark on your animation?

BluestoneTE responds:

because the original file for it was destroyed and there was already a swf version of it so i just got out bandicam and recorded it and then put it in a video editor and added sound as chris had requested and uploaded the new mp4 version