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A Simple Task

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A short animation for our 2D animation module. Most of the work was done in about 3 weeks. I went with the first idea I thought of. I probably could have came up with something better but eh, too late. the audio is fairly limited and the animation is a bit choppy at times but I think it's fine for what it is. This is the second actual cartoon I've made: there was issues with the first one and it's more trash than this so it will not see the light of day.

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what a nice movie!

first of all, it had a fluid, nicely paced animation, good graphics, nice FBF sequences(or were they tweens?), a good FPS speed, nice drawings of the robot's movements/design AND of its EPIC face expressions, while the story was simple, yet interesting.
it was funny+kinda sad to see the poor robot failing even in the simplest of tasks: to open a locked door.
also, the ending was pefect. good work!

great drawings, good animation, cool humour and super face expressions.
i loved it.

make more movies like this, and keep up the good work!

PS: i wonder, what was your first movie like? please submit it, im sure that it will be good+pleasant to watch.

I feel for that robot! XD Entertaining cartoon though. It's the simplest things...


lol the ending made me laugh! Thought it was gonna be a super exciting, suspenseful ending, where he succeeds.
But No. He just blew up, and, oh well. Door's opened :)

This was very amazing for the 2nd cartoon you ever made! I don't know if I would call the animation choppy because it does look very smooth for the most part. I really do adore the art and line work here! It's looks really great in my opinion! The robot man was a bit adorable lol. And yeah, the story here is pretty damn hilarious! If this was just another ordinary animation that you made, I would have given you a 4/5. But no, you're just starting out, and you are already making really great quality submissions! I can't even imagine how you will be in the next few years if you keep this up! You have plenty of talent that I hope blooms on here! And I can't wait to see more from you! This is my next favorite, and you just got yourself a fan! Keep up with the amazing work! :)