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INTENSE CAMPING TRIP - Sam's Storytime Ep1

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Thank you to all my patreons/subscribers!

Special thanks to CaracDraco for helping with the background art! Find her twitch at: https://www.twitch.tv/caracandraco/videos

Music used is all royalty free from: AudioMicro.com

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This should be T...Sorry sam

Why is this E?

I'd honestly like to see less Minecraft shit and more of these little stories please!

Not bad! I found the story a bit less than captivating at times, especially at the beginning, but I love the art style and the crumpled paper background. Something about that is just pleasant looking, and in the end the story was cute and funny.

Very funny storytelling!
While I would have loved to see it fully animated I still really enjoyed this new format!
Just a tiny suggestion: maybe, in the next episode, you could make the still drawings a little more exaggerated while narrating a powerful scene (like the bag one at 02:16), with dramatic angles and intense shading/colouring!

So... really? You kept the same clothes for 5 days? Did your parents get mad at you? Dang it I'm getting too curious here! XD

Keep up the great work man!