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Drunken Master Gragas

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Hey thanks for watching! Hope ya dudes enjoyed it.
You can check me out on youtube at: http://www.youtube.com/iwoodsz

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Nice film

Here was a nice film the action was nice love the flow of animation in some of these scenes and the music was really good too actually fit well with this. I wouldn't mind seeing even more action scenes and such but overall nice job here

Some action scenes would be great


oi . i saw the Dojo intro . you have a account there? extremely nice anim :)

Loved the animation fights were great. You get brownie points for using RS music in that outro. What's it mixed with kinda sounds like Urf?

First of all, this was some really great work. You presented a polished fight scene with all the trimmings... You didn't over-accellerate frame-rate to make something most of the audience would have difficulty actually seeing. You didn't over-detail the characters and models or push the HD fidelity uselessly beyond the needs for the presentation. The animation was fluid (meaning frame-rate and all was right and fast enough), generally realistic (meaning it didn't jitter nor try to accomplish something too incredible to live with), and a proper attention draw... You actually have a plain fight scene I wanted to watch... twice even.
Where to improve? Tough call... But, you could go back and watch "Drunken Master" again and take a few more notes. This might not be a popular point, but you could (even should) do a little more to "sell" the drunken master style you're trying to present. Yes, the fighting moves were about right. However, if you really watch Jackie Chan's mastery of it, you can see the many little places where he still takes the time to "sell it"... It's those little pauses and alternatives he uses in the movie to shout at you "Hey, I'm really REALLY fucked up!" that make Chan's Drunken Master....THE DRUNKEN MASTER. When he was dodging stuff being thrown at him, he expertly manages to maneuver away from every projectile, but his flailings and rolling around on the ground could easily have been possible for a throroughly sauced drunkard. When he was twirling and absolutely thrashing an opponent while deflecting the assaults of two or three others, he made the series of motions just sloppy enough in appearance to get him to stagger instead of neatly recover, stumble into a shoulder roll instead of execute a flying crescent kick into a pirrohuette. You've got all the actual moves dead-on, except this guy's sober as a saint. I'd love to see you run through the tweaks and revisit this, even if you just splice in those little spots and smooth out the results...
I know this seems like a wall of complaint on so narrow a subject, but I'm trying to be precise about it... Anyways, for a regular fight scene, you've got that in plaid and silvery stars... I definitely look forward to your next...
So don't forget to breathe, relax, and keep on keeping on... :o)

Boy we don't see that in silver. Great animation.