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Living Dolls: No Evil 024

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Cast of No Evil:
Warlordofnoodles: Kitty (kajortoq), Calamity (chalchiutlicue)
Mr. Shoes: Huey (huehuecoyotl), Amaroq
MrMexicanFoodIsGood: Ichabod
Rachel the flying: Wrip
T.L.Jones: Vinkle
Sushijustask: Paula
Charles: Dr. Awesomesauce
Starshine: Angel
Masquerader: Corn (Quetzalcoatl)
Chief McCoy: Specks
Chief Hatfield: Chirp Chirp
Jas: Xochipilli
Jose: WooleyWorld https://www.youtube.com/user/WooleyWorld
Marshal: squidjoose https://www.youtube.com/user/squidjoose

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Nice animation

So this one here was really nice you have some nice talents and this by far is one of your better pieces of animation you really have some nice characters and the voices are good, this was probably one of your longer ones too and really took some effort and energy onlything I would ad here might be some subtitles but besides all that this was pretty cool stuff.

some subtitles might be nice.


love it

Warlord-of-Noodles responds:


This one was straight up breath taking!!!

That was glorious, Noodle. Glorious. Was that bird she? painted eyes on supposed to represent Ichabod? Or am I remembering who got Black-Gooed wrong again? Wasn't it Ichabod who got doused with the Black Tezcatlipocl? (oh god the end is nigh I remembered what it was called) Oh my goodness. your stuff, I can't look away. IT's too fascinating. What IS it about your work that draws us so? It is a mystery and it fascinates me. So much awesome!

I normally love your work, but the slow pace and voicework that varied between forced and flat left me feeling less than my usual enthrallment.

Not to say it was bad -far from it, I'd still watch it again (and likely again after that, as with most No Evil movies), it just wasn't as great as the others.