Are YOU a Real Anime Fan?

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alles klarrr


Alright notbad

Ok so this was notbad I like the style of this but I believe the audio with the voices really need more polish and more work on them it's a nice animation and some good story around it and I was very impressed with that aspect of things but would love to see you ad some more quality to the voice and sound of this piece. Anyways keep up the great work the animation was solid work

Polish up the sound


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Whoever recorded this either lives in an apartment with thin walls or with other people. They're so subdued with their voices. Like seriously subdued. I liked the writing and the animation, but the VO could use some serious work.

Potatoverse responds:

Your absolutely right. It's kinda obvious that I live in an appaartment with other people because my voice is so high pitched. Which means that I'm young which then means I live with my parents.

As a real anime fan... I was hoping for something a bit more anime-fan-oriented! Like: something I didn't know, about anime. Some less obvious tidbits of info presented in new and entertaining ways, or stereotypes I could relate to, but the big eyes and big teees... didn't go so much further! Mildly entertaining with the points and stuff, but a bit thin of content IMO. Keep it going!


Potatoverse responds:

I'm sorry to disappoint you but it was actually supposed to be for the opposite of a real anime fan. Because some people say that the like anime even if they don't know what that is and/or have only watched one anime such as naruto onepice or dragonball. But thanks for the motivational comment.

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2.25 / 5.00

Apr 23, 2017
4:15 PM EDT