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Princess Ness Episode 3

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The adventuring party grows as Ness and Chelsea interview potential recruits!

Starring: Kiane Chula King, Penni Smith, James Rallison, Rafael Villegas

This is the last episode for a few months and then there will be 4 more after that!

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so that's it I fall in love with Ness

Gotta say, seen 3 eps so far and this series is WEIRD. And I don't mean bad weird. Not a fan of the art style the animation is using but it is unique though. Voice acting on the main 2 characters are pretty good and have potential to be better. Everyone else is more or less a hit/miss. Ness is definitely cutest voice.

Best part has to be the credits, and the ending song. Love how relaxing it is after all that randomness during the entire episode. Like a nice cooldown after a crazy day.

Well, this series is certainly making progress! I always like the introduction of new characters. Yeah, I recognize that guy's voice. The animation is easily recognizable too. I guess this isn't quite as funny as the other episodes, but still great. The characters are so funny.

Was Ness named after the "Earthbound" character? I just don't think it's a common name. If he went along willingly, how could he be kidnapped? The funniest part might have been when she mentioned that she couldn't see the stuff in her head. Might have been a nice fourth wall joke.

This has been a great series so far. I found this episode to be a bit nonsensical, but there was still a couple of good laughs had. I've been impressed with the quality of the animation when compared to previous work, and variation and creativity in the faces and poses has really sold some of the jokes. Great job dood!

Can't wait for more.