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Goku's Super Saiyan Birthday

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Goku gets super pissed when his friends forget his birthday.

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Writer: Eric Moneypenny (https://twitter.com/ericmoneypenny)
Voice: Jeff Sloniker, Eric Moneypenny, Heather Anne Cambell, Hend Baghdaddy, Jon Baily
Producer: Aaron Augenblick
Storyboards, Animation: Joseph Altadonna
Animation Assistance: Yvonne Hsuan Ho, Keith Stack
Compositing and Effects: Yvonne Hsuan Ho
Interns: Irving George, Branko Kljajic, Andres Mendez, Deven Johnson

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Well this was notbad I really liked the animation here you have some nice visuals and I have to say that the story itself was pretty good and I even got a good chuckle out of this whole piece so nice job on this one some nice work indeed I think this could have gone a tad bit longer but it's a nice film you have here


I thought Goku died after he made the super sandwich. Why would anyone wish him back to life just to repeat the animation with a birthday cake?

Better animation that DBZ Super.

Only 15 episodes? They're getting faster!

short funny and amazing ending voice :D