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If Terry Crews was in Overwatch

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idk i read that he could potentially voice doomfist and thought the idea of him in overwatch was somewhat funny.

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What can I say here this was different for sure but it was funny and Terry crews is one funny actor he does comedy very well but what can I say this was a funny and entertaining piece I think you could make a series out of this alone

Make a series based off Terry crews acting bits lol


holy shit."

This is amazing! I laughed the moment I saw Terry screaming.

Amazing animation, I wish Newgrounds could let us comment whatever we wanted.
Terry Crews is sexy as fuck and we'd still accept him if he turned out to be gay.
I think we can all agree we'd totally fuck him and I bet his cock is really huge.
We need more Rule 34 porn fakes of him, you bunch of confused homophobes.
How hung is Terry Crews and what would you do if he actually turned out gay or bi?

Terry Crews should be in everything. :) Nice one.