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Empire Strikes Back the Musical

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A commission I did for lhugueny! Check him out on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/lhugueny/

Movie Musicals #31: The Empire Strikes Back The Musical
To celebrate the recent release of the Star Wars: Episode 8 "The Last Jedi" trailer, the original gang decided to get to get together and do a musical reenactment of the 1980 classic Episode 5.

►Script, Song & Vocals by Lhugueny
►Additional Vocals by WDi_40
►Animation by Sketchead


(Luke Skywalker)
It starts on Hoth...

(Darth Vader)
Rebels, they all must die,
For blowing up the Death Star, made the Emperor cry.
Found them in the ice, and they kissed their butts goodbye,
Though Luke managed to escape off to...


Luke must be drunk, cause he made us crash,
Best bush pilot in the galaxy my a**.

A muppet I am, but don't be deceived,
I'm the master Jedi, my training you'll receive.

I must go...

(Obi Wan Kenobi)
His chance for survival is like a joke,
That brave, young boy was our only hope.

No Obi-Wan, 'cause a brother Luke is,
If he turns, screw him, for another there is.

(Luke Skywalker)
Feel the force,
It's in my mind.
Trained so hard,
I wanna be a Jedi.

I'll save my friends,
Won't stay behind.
Won't turn dark,
Just tryin' not to die...

(Princess Leia Organa)
Imperials, I don't understand,
The rebels went the other way, why chase Han?
Busy dodging asteroids to impress me,
Though in IRL he got my booty for free.

Booty free...

(Han Solo)
Shut him up or shut him down,
3PO's attitude's making me frown!
Tryin' to get these Imperials to eat my dust,
Then we'll hide on Bespin, there's friend I trust.

Friend he trusts...

Lando turned, his face I'll pound.

(Han Solo)
Darth Vader's song is a creepy sound,
While getting tortured when my hands are bound,
Then freeze in carbonite, hope that I don't drown.

(Luke Skywalker)
I feel the force,
It's in my mind.
Trained so hard,
I wanna be a Jedi.

Darth is my dad,
Must have been blind.
Won't turn dark,
Just tryin' not to die...

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Script, Song & Vocals by Lhugueny

vocals may be yours but the beat and origional is based from linkin park, i would suggest you post credits due for origional melody

otherwise nice job

Sketchead responds:

I think he was referring to the fact that he did a cover of the original instrumental performance as well, not that he composed it.

5star, good job man..

the animation was pretty okay, but the lyrics were lazy and the use of autotune made it painful to listen to

I love how every shot had some entertainment value in it. You managed to capture the feeling of the movie's visuals pretty well, too.

Two suggestions:

Either make the audio clearer (less autotuned), add subtitles or both. Some of the autotune was hard to listen to (maybe too loud?)

When the Falcon is escaping, try moving it diagonally or drawing the ship from another angle. Right now it looks like its flying sideways

I'm sure this will go viral! Great work