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The difference between careless and carefree is a lot bigger than you'd think.

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The art style on this was absolutely amazing a very professionally made piece the backstory was cool and it was good to see table top gaming get a shoutout in this for sure but this flash had a deep intellectual message to pick up on too which made it even better

Very good

The voice quality was very good on this the way you tell this is very nice kind of like a fairy tale so nice job indeed and nice effort you really bring some nice energy into this and the animations was nice there was some humor and informative so that was all a plus very nice indeed anyways good work here indeed I look forward to more of these my suggestion is that these could be longer

Make these longer


Not only am I really fond of your art style, I'm exceedingly fond of the way you tell these things. It's casual fairly direct, but it's serious and insightful all at the same time. This is one of those concepts that, depending on what you do with your life, can either mean something really small or really big, and no matter how significant it ends up being for me, I'll remember it for a long, LONG while.
Thank you for this, I sincerely enjoyed it.

That was some good food for thought, and I'd say the ending sequence had some well pulled 'juxtaposition' of some sort.
Wait, was Melee banned in your school?... well at least it looks like they're playing Magic or something.

You sound like Mundane Matt from YouTube. Anyway, I really like this video. The animation was great and it has a positive message. Time + circumstance changes people.

Raziberry responds:

I have never heard that I sound like Mundane Matt before, that's weird, man! Glad you liked it, though!