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funny and only took me 2 hours



(Dammit I hate it when I'm torn into two completely different opinions...)

Alright alright...You can have a guy do a little three or four framed dance in the preloader, you can animate some...mentally unstable and/or challenged yellow-faced individual tugging on a light switch which eventaully beyond all physical reality is able to tear down the entire ceiling over him simply by tugging on a light switch angrily...oh wait, but it doesn't kill him, oh God no...it lets the now red faced individual cry out...in one desperate, but futile attempt to either entertain us, or save himself....his last words where this...

"Oh no..."

Oh no indeed...that is precisely what I said when I saw the "PLAY AGAIN?" button...however my "Oh no" was quickly followed by "He can't be serious...could he? I mean...is that it!?" I was disappointed with this random portal entry. I must also apologize because I'm a bit dazed and tired right now...thus I will have no recollection of this review whatsoever and I'll probably continue typing until I stop myself right now...
...yep...no more...
...no seriosly...thats it...

Phobos Technology, Phobotech.

pretty sweet

even though it didint have no point, good animation

That Was So Cool

Thanks For The Maskot Too You Rock Man

CAP-FLASH responds:

your welcome, and at the same time, thank you! :)


ok but i didnt see one flip at all, heeh anyhow that dude had one big head, great animation, and decent artwork, good work...

CAP-FLASH responds:

hmm, thanks for the ok review, but one thing ive noticed, u vote 5s for almost every movie u review, even the GREAT ONES (not mine) u do, even though the deserve more. Come on, be fare vote good on the good movies ( still not mine:)


I love this. The idea of this movie is very nice. You did very good Porpus2. I am rating this a 3 out of 4. It's almost a 4 over 5 but I think it's more a 3. Very nice idea, movie, sound ani I cannot wate to see more of this.

CAP-FLASH responds:

THANKS SO MUCH, YOU have good movies too, i might do a pico/pimps quest game but im not sure, ill make my mind if u guys REVIEW MORE lol

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3.39 / 5.00

Nov 12, 2002
4:32 PM EST
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