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Sonic Oddshow Collab Entry - Gravity Sucks

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Hey all! Just thought I'd post this for you all to view. It is my entry for DoujinPixations collab, the Sonic Oddshow Collab! I put quite a bit of work into this, and i'm quite satisfied with the final result. :)

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T_T that was boooooooooring next time try to make it with a LASER not a ball fireing i'll be nice and give you 4 stars so far


AbomiYeti responds:

Haha, glad you enjoyed!


AbomiYeti responds:

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed!

The animation itself was fine and the voice acting was sublime, even having a little Mario in the background was a nice touch. But with all that said I felt the ending was a bit weird and unsatisfactory.

AbomiYeti responds:

Thanks for the comment! I have definitely considered revising the ending.

Originally I had the camera showing Eggman, looking out his window at them before hand, This is the main reason he fires the Cannon. I can always reinsert that in for some info on why he did it. As well as I could have the "Hedgehog tracker" on his computer showing Sonic's location.

As for the cannon part, i attempted to create a satirical affect by mixing sudden doom with the goofy nature of the "Wii Shop Channel" theme. I didn't entirely dig it but I wasn't sure how else I wanted to execute it. With some suggestions I have received, I plan on potentially recreating the final scene to better effect.

Thanks for watching!