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Princess Ness Episode 2

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Just how hard can dungeon crawling be, for two adventurers that are level... uh... zero?

Starring: Kiane Chula King, Penni Smith, James Rallison, Rafael Villegas

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Great as usual. I've seen a lot of your work on here and other sites and you're full of creativity. One thing though, I liked it better when you did all the voices yourself. You don't need voice actors man. Although I like the voices here, I just feel that it was more special when you did everything yourself.

Excellent timing, the script is bonkers and the characters are very enjoyable. The only Caveat is the audio and video quality leaves much to be desired.

Audio quality could stand to be a bit more consistent but otherwise it's charming and funny. Animation quality isn't crazy but it does work really well with the rest of the material here.

Voice acting outside of the main two characters could be a little better. Also the nose on that bounty hunter chick, maybe that's her schtick but man is she hideous. So far so good though.

Hoo boy, where do I even begin.

Well, let me start off with the most glaring part besides the awful voices, shitty art and overall uselessness of this?

There is no creativity, nothing surprising, it doesn't make me laugh or even giggle in the slightest (even for being so bad), it's bland, dry as a councilmen meeting set in fucking Alaska, and the non-sequitur bullshit is just old and tiresome.

0 stars.