Troll Quest 1:2

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Music: "Someday I'll like you but before let me rest in my solitude (Lonely characters theme)" by Komiku

This is an audience participation story- to vote on what happens next, just comment.

The poll for first installment started out close, but Option B gained a definitive lead- earning twenty-four out of forty-two votes. I promised I'd drink 50% less vodka for every 10 votes we got, so I'm down to doing a couple shots. I made no promises about rum intake, though.

The comprehensive list of audience submissions- and my attempt to mash 'em together- is on the wiki: http://www.pollcomics.com/wiki/doku.php?id=troll_quest

The first installment is here: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/690929
It turns out the Princess isn't an ageless half-elf like her sister. After over half a century of captivity, how does she feel about her captor?
A// He's a demonic hellbeast, but she's started to fall for him. It only took 70 years of captivity. You should see his library!
B// He's spineless. Nothing would get done around here without her leadership. She only lets him out of his room occasionally.
C// Captor? Pfft. More like sassy BFF co-conspirator.

Bonus: What is the one thing the Troll Knight would never turn his back on?


I hadn't checked the info in pollcomics for the previous installment. Shame on me. Now the story has more substance. As regards the animation, it's sketchy, of course, but it's just a WIP.

Anyways, I choose option B this time. Let's see if I end up on the winning side...

As for the bonus, I'd go with something silly: the Troll Knight cannot pass up an opportunity to show his (in his opinion, at least) formidable body in front of big enough groups of people. That's why he got knighted for public indecency.

Ok its a tie between B and C for me

Interesting story. I can't decide between option B and C. I guess I'll flip a coin and... B. Art style could be slightly more refined since this is virtually a slideshow, but the aesthetic is nice. Comes out looking more polished than it is.

Here's my problem for B and C, she is not looking good for someone that is not being held against her will.

And A is too kinky, that said B sounds the funniest. So my vote will be A and B at the same time.

The Troll Knight is addicted to cheap alcohol.

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Apr 10, 2017
12:49 PM EDT
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