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Resident Evil 2 - Kendo

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I found an old incomplete version of this a couple of days ago. So I decided to redo it with better graphics and make it last a little longer. Sorry for using the voices from the game (I won't make a habit of it.) I would have used my own voice but I just couldn't do Leon's, I managed Kendo's but that was also hard. So in the end I decided to stick with the game voices.

P.S. Yes the voices have been altered for comedy purposes.
Anyway Enjoy!

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resident evil 2 is the best game ever made

I didn't care much for this. It just didn't seem like anything that special. The animation was actually quite good. I appreciate how you did the voices too. I guess I just need to be more of a fan of "Resident Evil" to understand this. You'd think I would from all these flash spoofs.

Obviously, most people like this. I'm fine with that. I felt like it also could have been longer. It's harmless the way it is. It's at least passable for me.

rule dont make fun of leons hair

not bad but not too good

this too short,can you make another big one?but whatever it takes???it is nice flash you are doing there.


i know its a spin off a game, but kinda short. funny though, classic example of resident evil's "top notch voice acting"