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Legend of Zeldo: Frames of the Wild

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This game is one of the best I've played in awhile, just wanted to have some fun with it! :D

I love this game for real tho! Every. Chuggy. Frame. Of. It.

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(Switch sound effect)

ConeZone responds:

Oh my god lmao WHY DIDN'T I THINK TO ADD THAT! hahaha

A friend at work bought the Wii U version. Said he loves the game immensely, but still complains about the lag. I'm hoping it's not this bad at times, because I'll eventually play it. *Looks at the unopened GCN copy of Twilight Princesss* I'll eventually play that, too. *Looks at the untouched copy of Oracle of Seasons* I'll eventually... stare at it on a shelf when the next Zelda game reminds me that I own a copy of the previous game. Sigh.

You did good, Zone, and in no way do I now feel frustrated at the backlog of games I desperately need to catch up on.

ConeZone responds:

Dude, I can't even look at my Windwaker HD game without feeling like a piece of doo doo, haha. I have so many games on my backlog I need to catch up on so I'm trying to keep it in stride and knock them down one by one. Thanks for the compliment my main man, I don't do it just for the fame and money, I do it for