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A short film I made for my final year of college a little over a year ago. I was under the impression that Newgrounds animations were strictly swf only so I never uploaded it here.

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I really enjoyed this. You did a good job on the character animation and the story was cute and charming. I loved the part where the boy falls from the couch and hits the table and his popcorn falls. It made me laugh more than it was suppose to. I also thought the part where the boy falls on his couch in the beginning was really smooth and fluid. Now as there are good things about this, there are some small issues or things you could fix in the future. The part where the vase was about to fall on the boy (but spoilers falls on the spider), the skew when the vase gets tipped is kinda unneeded and looked awkward and out of place. At 1:34, the background gradient was kinda too saturated and kinda generic. I also thought some of the timing was slow and often parts felt quiet and awkward. They could've used some subtle background music but that may just be me being nitpicky. Overall, this cartoon was pretty good and enjoyable with minor flaws. I know this cartoon is a year old but I'm hoping you can post more of your cartoons on this website. I would highly recommend it.

Thunder28X responds:

I'm really glad you enjoyed it dude! Thanks for the critique too! I'll keep it all in mind for my future stuff. :)

great job man! your 3d sense is really strong and your storytelling is great! the animation could be timed/composed better at parts but for the most part it's really well done!

some things I noticed were when the spider first waved the motion of the wave was evenly timed where as it should probably be darting back and forth with eases on the ends of the arc. also, when the vase was tilting both in the horizontal and the circular motions it wasn't fully believable. when it rocked horizontally it seemed to bend instead of tilt back and forth and while the circular motion was drawn well it was titled a little too far outwards.

hope that helps!

Thunder28X responds:

Thanks man! I keep those details in mind for next time!

This is great, man! I like how thought out it is, it really shows. It was really overall great, though I do think the back grounds need a little work and the jumping animations at 0:11 and 2:59 could probably use a bit more emphasis on stretching to give it a little more umphf. I loved it, though, so keeping making good material, dude!

Thunder28X responds:

I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Yeah I've never been too great a backgrounds... I gotta practice that along with pushing my poses lol Thanks a lot for the feedback!

Im digging it dude, this shows you dont need voices to portray a funny scene, this had alot love put into as i can see and i hope you keep up the great work!!!

Thunder28X responds:

I will! Thank you!

That was really good, I like your art style!

Thunder28X responds:

Thank you very much!

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3.66 / 5.00

Apr 4, 2017
1:52 PM EDT
Comedy - Original