Don't let life give you lemons....

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We get lost on our thoughts at some point of the day. Instead of thinking negative dream big and live simply because no matter what we're always going to get sucked into the reality side of the world.


Would offer suggestions, but I'd only get berated and some other fashion of STFU... I can read, too, you know.

Next time play some music or whatever

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Ckenzie-Art responds:

Will do mate , plus I'll add legs for these fuckers . Thanks bro.

......It's meh I guess... I like the message though but, seriously..where's the legs?! As I said, you really need to work on your animation. Get out of go-animate because it's really not that good to be honest and I don't care if it's your style. If you don't grow out of it then expect me to say the same thing over and over again whenever you make a new entry. TRY at least.

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Ckenzie-Art responds:

I don't use go ani mate and couldnt give a fuck I'm not changing my style. What dumb shit are you saying? You might aswell change your skin colour if you want me to change my style.And if you read the descriptions you would see why they have no legs Go and do one. You guys are the new "retardation" on here, you guys must be on crack when your typing. P.s you have a nerdy schedule to be online and it seems like you have time I guess I'll be seeing your goofy comments *rolls eyes*

I like the message, but the animation was a little lazy and distracting. It was also a bit incomprehensible.

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Ckenzie-Art responds:

Thank you for you feedback :) but this "lazy" shit your saying is false. This is my style get use to it. Or watch your anime #rocket London

Made me cry, but for the wrong reasons.

Ckenzie-Art responds:

Thanks for you comment mr Donald trump supporter, went on your page you seem very weird, if you read my bio you would understand that I want my style to be unique. I don't create weird animations like naruto or any BS toons you watch but yeah you seem weird I'll take bad criticism from someone else that can benefit me and seem more serious than you but it's okay thanks though.

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Apr 3, 2017
6:06 PM EDT