How I got my microphone

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HEHEY everybody.



I like the story here there seems some small audio issues but I understand it the animation was not bad at all I think you could shorten the film just a tad and maybe polish up the audio but the story really drives this well and I was very impressed with the amount of detail but anyways very nice work very good idea and love the energy this brings

Make the film shorter and polish up the audio


Pretty entertaining! Nice way of fitting in the official word for the 'trial period' without explicitly saying it, so the meaning really comes across in full. I like the visual puns, like the land of cheese, anyway, butt, and the narration's alright, though some annoying popping with the recording. Maybe consider using a pop filter? You can make one easily yourself with something like a nylon sock and a metal cloth hanger (that's what I use ;). Also the flickering white transitions between animated parts, I think it'd be better with less of those, most noticeable at the beginning. Animation's not the best, but it conveys what's going on alright. The script though... feels like it could be trimmed a bit, a bit more concise, I did watch to the end but honestly it seemed a bit long at times. It's a good start though, and that mic seems to be working alright!


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Animation is rudimentary. Story is okay. You could really use a pop filter for your microphone. You don't necessarily have to buy one. I stretched a sock over a coat hanger and rigged it up. My microphone was $29.99. for middling quality. I get a decent sound out of it with good mixing. Your mic is distorting and popping at points.

Potatoverse responds:

The distortment and poppingis probably caused by me over editing it. But thaks for the advice.

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2.78 / 5.00

Apr 3, 2017
1:58 PM EDT
Comedy - Original