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Superhero Horror

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Cartoon made with blender 3D animation software

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Well young man, your legs have been reattached, should be working fine and you should make a full recovery, however, you father died of a concussion.

I love the motifs and depiction , the style was great to I like the ending and the endscreen I will subscribe to oldmanfalls; I love 3D motifs and entertainment especially xxx taboo and adult content in 3D :)

What a dick.

Now that was scary.

Yeah I've seen some things like this before. Like the deleted scene in Hancock where he has sex with the girl and has to push her away in the last moment before his ballistic sperm shoots holes in the ceiling, or the onepunch man parody here on newgrounds where he spanks the girl and kills her, or sexualobster's Captain Planet rampage, or a lot of the jokes around that superhero guy in that godawful show Drawn Together. So not a new idea. Nor the best delivery. It was ok. But with a more deadpan delivery here, I am left wondering two things:

1. If his urination pressure was already like a water jet cutter in the first place, shouldn't he have been slicing up the urinal and the wall behind it and anyone standing in the next room to begin with?

2. Why didn't the hero who's knowledgeable about saving people race to bring the guy to the hospital in the first place, instead of cauterizing the wound, which would prevent it from being surgically reattached? If you BURN the exposed surface, that is the damage that prevents it from being reattached. He seems to be a noob superhero who sucks at his job in general and should gtfo and hang around his fortress of solitude and not bug people to me.

Ok, I guess I should get going and do my taxes now.