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Power Star Game (BETA)

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Author Comments

(As the title says, this game is VERY UNFINISHED, so expect any bugs and glitches. Enjoy!)


Power Star Game is a canceled Mario fight game, coming from the series of same name created by D-Sun. We don't have information about the reason to eventually cancel the game project.

"Control the path of destruction, destroy the Mushroom Kingdom and usurp it's Power Stars. Play as Mario and relive the his roll as the possessed villain from the classic parody Video Game 'Power Star'."


How to Play:

WASD = Move

G = Fast Attack

H = Hard Combo Attacks

Y = Grab

B = Sword Attack (use when you have Berzerk charge)

ESC = Pause

(You can see the list of combos in pause menu)

2 Players and 1P vs 2P doesn't work, sad.


Game made by OngoKiller50

Distribuited by Super Sun Studios

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Game is back :)

Such a shame that the game was canceled, it had so much potential.
But still impressive how many stuff was put into it: badass "Hero's" attacks, pretty challenging enemies (sometimes they can be unfair but whatever) and stuff.

I remember those times when I was watching gameplay videos of it and looking comments about it. However, I saw one little comment, that got me interested - "...Hopefully, someone can pick up it's Demo Project and finish it, some day.". I looked up its replies and saw some comments of individuals, who were up at finishing the project but eventually got demotivated or just got too lazy to do anything with it (who knows).

Those comments got me motivated to be, well, not the first one who will complete the beta build, but at least the first one who could showcase unused mechanics from the game on YT - no one did that before, so why not. So, via "Sothink SWF Decompiler" and "JPSXE", I found some unused attacks, levels and entities that weren't programmed yet for some reason (maybe deadlines, maybe something else).

I sorta love to restore unused stuff from games, so I started to, let's just say, "Unleash" Power Star Game. The more I was restoring them, the more I was more and more interested in upgrading the game. Alas, I even added some new attacks and stuff to make the gameplay even better (I think). I have some videos about its updates, yeah, but I think I won't still leave the link to them because that, well, counts as advertisment in my opinion.

So, FreddyXBR or whoever owns/published/created this game, will it be alright if I release "Unleashed Power Star" (Edited "Power Star Game Beta") on my account (with giving credit ofc)? I just want to give everyone, even if not official, way more polished project, that everyone may enjoy even more than before (even if it's just "fan-fix'/mod/whatever).

(Not sure if I even will get the answer, lmao)

I can't play the game and theres no play button

I really wish this game was finished

FreddyXBR responds:

us too.

How did you find this? If you don't mind me asking.

FreddyXBR responds:

omfg, long time I dont see this game in my account...

anyway, I remember it was from a website that saved the swf file, but I'm not sure which one, probably the video about the game with the download was deleted.

Credits & Info

3.88 / 5.00

Mar 29, 2017
1:33 PM EDT