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I've worked alone in this project. I've been animating for 8 months.
It's all done in Flash and edited in Premiere Pro CS6.

The editing of Premiere Pro CS6 fell a little messy, and sorry for the very tiny scene it goes back to the robot part to that female alien during his dream moment.

This 2D animation is a sci-fi love and it's my personal movie.
Corina is a female alien that she's from a planet called Rigel II. Rigel is a star system, far, far away from our solar system.

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I remember seeing the female alien and this very cartoon being presented on DeviantArt.com.
I think you did a very wise choice in uploading it here at Newgrounds.com!

Watching this cartoon again gave an interesting "Role-reversal" idea.
Stick with me on this,
What if there was a female robot (Fembot) who is in love with a male human. The human tells the robot that his oxygen tank is very out-dated. So he tells the fembot to race to the Hospital to get an updated air tank. While his space suit puts him into suspended animation for only 10 minutes. The fembot gets back in time to save the mans life. They love each other The end.

One more thing. I can understand why it took you 8 months to make this animation. This animation must be a side hobby for you, While you have real life responsibilities to deal with. ( Going to a job, house chores, caring for pets, dealing with family members.)

If there's going to be a sequel, I can wait for it!

Schnuron responds:

Hi, Joe! 8D Thanks. I haven't used this website for so many years ago.

That's not bad idea, but maybe not.

In 2015, I didn't have a job yet, but I was looking them up on an internet and I haven't found one. It was totally my hobby with my knowledge of 2D animation and it was for my portfolio, too.

Heheh, I don't think this short animation has a sequel. Nor did I anticipated it.

Cool animation man! Glad it had a happy ending! I thought Louis wasn't going to make it!
Una cosa mas, tmb soy Argentino y recien estoy empezando con esto, cuando puedas pasate por mi canal d youtube, no me vendria nada mal tu opinion en esto.
That's all my friend! keep up the good work!

Schnuron responds:

Thanks, Oblitus! I had to find a fitting ending for those two characters.

Ah bueno. Ahi veo.

Animando solo fue una patada en los huevos para este corto, pero estoy feliz de que lo haya terminado personalmente.

It feels a tad slow but overall it's a cute movie.

Schnuron responds:

Thanks. My bad if it was a bit slow for you. I was inspired by some tiny slow paced movies at 2015.
I'm glad you've rated my movie.

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3.30 / 5.00

Mar 24, 2017
10:51 AM EDT