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You Have 293 Keys

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You Have 293 Keys was made over the course of 24 hours. It features:

First Person Exploration
Next-Gen Key-Gen
Beautiful Low Poly Art
An Objective
Speed Runner Friendly

Find the right key to unlock the door! Throw away the keys you don't want. Did you accidentally throw away the key you need? Gotta keep trying them all!

Use the WASD keys to move around, the mouse to look, and click to grab stuff!

Made by @14HLB

Based on a mockup by @PixelatedCrown

Music by Visager from FreeMusicArchive

Thanks for the front page! <3

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threw every single key off except 1, then proceeded to stick last one in, didnt work. Instructions unclear. Accidentally stuck my dick in keyhole.

"Total tries: 5"

"Total time: 0:34"

7 tries, 1 minute 29 seconds
Fun game with the potential of wasting time if you're (un?)lucky.

1 try,
4 minutes and 4 seconds, 64 tries.
Fun :)

I wanted to have a time waster. Literally wanted to spend an hour screwing around and playing this game.

I got it on the first f*cking try.

This is just my luck.
Proof below:

Put all odds against me, won on first try.
0/10 Would not fail to lose again.