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(Original animated series) Orbisea Episode 1

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Orbisea: Episode 1 (New and old friends)

Solias the lone guarian of his home village sets off on a quest looking for an old friend and runs into some trouble along the way.

sites used:

Programs used:
Adobe After Effects, Gimp 2, Adobe Animate, Adobe Premiere Pro CC

You guys have no idea the hassel I went through to get this thing out sorry about the wait hope you enjoy!

All Characters and music are orignal properties of Xaal Carlson

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Your movie was a bit amateurish but the overall result really was far more well executed than it needs to be.

a dedicated amateur can sometimes accomplish more than a professional artist.

You'll evolve to professional level faster than other artists because of your hard work.

You've really shown your homework in this submission.

I really love how you used more pencil strokes than average to draw everything.

You'll teach yourself a lot more from extra pencil strokes instead of less.

You are great at posing your characters.

Most budding artists don't make any attempts at treating the characters as 3D objects.

Most new artists don't attempt such complex animation techniques and usually stay inside their comfort zone.

My only advice is to study some human anatomy and keep doing your complex animation techniques.

Your animation will become more steady as you become more comfortable controlling every detail.

You are already on the right track.

I look forward to seeing how your future artwork evolves over time.

You created something Awesome.

Keep going.


xaalster responds:

Thanks alot man. yeah alot this stuff is from over a year ago but if you want to see some of my newer stuff just check out my youtube channel. all my animations and are on there and easy to find. I am curious though when you say the anatomy is off what part of it is? Asking because ive gotten this critisim before.


Ever wonder why so many cartoons use simple designs, while most comics use realistic and very detailed art styles? Because what works as a still doesn't look very aesthetically pleasing in animated form, and this is a perfect example of that.
It's obvious you were trying to go for an anime style, but doing that as a solo animator is probably not the best idea since it sacrifices animation quality. Hell, it sacrifices the animation quality of PROFESSIONAL productions, just imagine the amount of effort it would require from one single dude. The one good example of an anime-styled project made by one dude I can think of took around 4 years to complete, and that was a short 5~ minute animation. That said, there WERE some nicely done moments in this, like the action scene with the archer and the girl, and the swordmanship scenes were generally decent (even if there were a few too many side smiles).
Since I don't know where else to fit this, I'll just include it here: The colors are too bright. There's too much contrast between them, so you should either lower their saturation or find color that work better with the character designs. The former would be easier, the latter would be preferable.

Let's move on to another area, sound direction. It is probably a good idea that you learn how to balance audio levels, The music is way too loud in places ("They're over there...makes ♪DANANANANANA DANANANANA DANANANANA♪" "What happened to keeping a low profile? I know, I♪DANANANANA DANANANANA DANANANANA♪"). I wish I could comment on the voice acting, but the music was too damn loud most of the time.
The writing was pretty good in the beginning, but then it became way too cliche'd as the video went on ("Your worst nightmare!" "You can't fire me, I quit!". And of course, "If you do thing, I'll do thing! "...AHAHAHA").

tl;dr: Simplify the character designs if you really are planning to turn this into a series. Learn to balance audio levels, and remember that moving lip flaps does not really count as animation (at least make them move their jaws).
And of course, sorry if I seem too harsh! I'd give you a 3, but Pico's comment on the 2 describe my general feelings on the video, but I also enjoyed it quite a bit, so I think a 2.5 is a rather fitting score.

xaalster responds:

harsh... But I appreciate your critque and most of the stuff in this animation was created around six months ago so I can gaurantee alot of improvement in future episodes. as for the bright colors and complex designs it really more of a style thing as for the mouth movements and what not I get that it can be rather annoying if only the characters mouths move but its done out of practicality and there are gestures and the like thrown in. I really cant think of anyone including simpler animators who make large scale 10 minute animations where they dont occasionally just use lip flapping or slide screens. Also the slight quality decrease in dialouge sequences gives me the ability to do far far better action sequences as I have more time for them. Its not like I cant just scrap story and do complex fancy action scenes but i personally feel that theres more to it than that. Im also gonna make sure I fix the audio quality this was my 2nd time ever working with voice actors and some people recorded to far away from the mic not to mention im not really experinced with sound design but thats the not point. Point is I appericiate your advise but I dont think my style lowers the quality of the episode in the least and I dont really feel that its a valid reason to give me a low score when people get 5 stars for black and white stick men with little to no dialogue.

The beginning was too slow, but nice animation and interesting angles in the middle.

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3.29 / 5.00

Mar 20, 2017
7:52 PM EDT
  • Daily 5th Place March 22, 2017