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T_set collab

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After so much shit happening to me. Its here. FINALLY ! :D

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Really dissapointing. Also, the music is kind of annoying.

Decent.. But not good enough here are my reviews

Armicek: Kinda Slow.. But I like it!! 7.75/10

Animator-Alex: One of your test was very fast. But it is good 6.50/10

BizWussZuzz: Your Parts Are One Of The best from this collab.. It's very original and amazing sprites.. 10/10

Djjaner: HANDS DOWN.. BEST PART FROM THIS COLLAB Your animations are very fluid and smooth. So good 11/10

DjMety: Good.. Just Good, 7/10

Electronic-Headphone: There Are Mistakes in your parts
1.Every Time when some gets shoot/stab.. They Move very weirdly
2.Some of your parts Are the same with the. Epic combo thing. Make something new already
3. Animation is not the best.. It's not fluid or.. Just not good 4.50/10

Jilet: Your Animation style is very good.. Reminds me of djjaner. But no BLOOD EFFECTS! 9.50/10

Luna-pl: Very Good And Smooth.. But kinda slow. 7.75/10

PikaLight: Your Animation Is Random. But Nice Animation! 9.25/10

xKrixeee: I know your animation style is better now.. But this is the worst animation from this collab..
Legs can not move in one of your parts
Walking cycle is bad
And it was fast when it zoomed in to him in one of the parts 2/10

Overall. 6/10 Some Parts Are Awesome.. Some are Goods.. Few are just bad.. Sorry

That was great.

BizWuzzZuzz's Part was so well animated. it gave the allusion of it looking like one of dudingdarns animations so I wanna say Good Job And keep up the collabs and hope Madness combat does not die out :l

To be really honest, this collab doesn't worth all 5 stars reviews. I can see that people were trying to make something viewable and even enjoyable out of it, but let's face it: 90% of the clips are either slow, fast, have sloppy/bad/choppy/yougetit animation, doesn't have effects like blood and just lack quality, even a lot. Oh, and camera glitching, couldn't resist mentioning that one.
I'm not trying to be the party pooper here, even tho I'm telling the honest truth. It would be sweet to see all animators (except Djjaner, DudingdarN (?) and Kryy, their parts are somewhat nice. I also enjoyed BizwuzzZuzz's parts) improve over time and produce good Madness animations in the future, but what Ive seen so far isn't something at least many people would enjoy. xKirxeee's parts are definetly the worst out of all parts.
And as for you, Armi? Practice on movements, characters move kiiiinda sloppy (as mentioned before) and they stop way too sudden, you gotta make them smooth. You might wanna pay attention at how character lands when jumping from above in the very first clip (and also his feet suddenly moving when he stands completely still after landing).

There's nothing else for me to say, I'm no critic anyway. 2 stars is the maximum I can give to this collab.