In-Game Part 2

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Smyton and Wrathian follow the Mystrious Blonde man after he abandons his noob team. What happens next is totally unexpected! (Except its totally obvious..)

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I enjoyed this. Keep up the great work.

This voice acting is kluge as fuck. Was hoping to see more of the bard but such is anime. I need more of this stuff. Also now we need a gentle giant to the party because we already a dashing hero, femme fatale, and late bloomer archetype.

Smyton4tw responds:

The bard will be back in part 5 :D also, no hodors here.. I can't have every cliché here!

I'd watch this if it ,was on TV, keep up the fantastic work!

suffers greatly from bad writing. if the bard could trap people in a force field he should have done that at the start so his mage could firebomb the heroes. the girl shot her vines in the wrong direction of the explosion and directly in front of her. there is no way she would get lucky enough to get the bard on that guy's voice alone. that was bleach level plot armor right there. art is good but without intelligent writing it is just a fun hobby.

Smyton4tw responds:

I really don't think the writing is as bad as you say. Some of the things you've noted were answered in the show. For example, it was an illusion, not a force field. Notice when she uses her vines, there isn't anything around her (although having her say "an illusion?" maybe prudent next time!)
Also, when she heard Smyton's voice, she used her vines to capture both the bard and Smyton since she didn't know who was there (Notice both have vines around them). She used a killing blow when she was out of that illusion.
Although a bit ambiguous, she heard the explosion on her left and attacked.

I appreciate the time you took to give a critique as that's how I get better. I just wanted to list some of the things I felt were done well. Although, the bard not putting them in illusions right away was some plot armor, but I wanted their over confidence to be their downfall (anime villain syndrome hah).

This is absolutely fantastic!!! Awesome work!!

Smyton4tw responds:

Thank you! Keep an eye out for part 3 and 4 coming in a few weeks :)

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Feb 25, 2017
5:12 PM EST
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