The Life Of A Punk

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Ok, this was my first submission to Newgrounds, so dont expect anything good. This was a movie I did while still learning flash. This movie is really bad, but I improved very much. Check out my other movies, theyre much better. This one was just a fun one I did, nothing special.

PS: If you have Blink 182, Sum 41, Good Charollete or New Found Glory in your profile, dont bother telling me what punk rock is you bastards. I had people write like pages of punk rock history and they have fucking Limp Bizkit and Eminem as their favorite artists.

Here are some examples of punk ass bitches who think they know what their talking about:
monkypunk Overall rating: 1
Okay, first off, wuts wrong with emo? Anyway the only thing good about this was the music. You put all punks into catagories and say that all punks from america are this way and all punks from britain are this way etc...you suck. Your what some would call a "poser" but i dont like that word so i wont sayit. Anyway you suck.

: NuBbY Overall rating: 2
ok first off, anti-flag would be sad that u used their song for this. fuck you. Piss 'em off and fuck 'em up is not what fucking punk is about!! punk is about being an individual, thinking for yourself and thinking outside the box. however i do like ur style of animation. thats about it

sk8er1313 Overall rating: 0
im a punk and the life of a punk is nothing like that.you are a fucking loser you kno nothing about a punk except how the way they dress. so get your finger out of your ass and make a story about your life.(which would be"THE LIFE OF A FAG"
-Favorite Bands:
Green Day
SUm 41
Blink 182 --Get the Picture???

: SquidOmelet Overall rating: 1
anti flag sucks. youre a poser fag. i doubt youve been oppressed for being a punk. you suck.

Im sorry but for the record- PUNK IS FUCKING DEAD. I dont want to explain that to any more of you "punks" who think they know what their talking about. Quit critisizing me, and move on with your life. Listen to Crass, listen to Sum 41, listen to shit, I dont care, just fuck off and stop telling me what punk is.



three just 'cause you included the song, poor as shit animation, poor as shit decription, I know its your first animation or whatever the fuck but punk is NOT DEAD


Well, I'lll admit this movie has aged quite a bit over the years, animation wise and punkwise?

Actually to be honest I don't know what the helll is going on especially for what you said in the comments doesn't make any sense either.

But not a bad job for it's time.


You poser! You don't know shit about punk rock! Omfg!!1one!1one Up da drunk punx, oi oi oi!!1one! Beer!1!!

Ok really, the song is good, the animation/drawing is pretty good for a first flash.

Off-topic: I myself am an anarcho-communist punk, and I can see why kids go on and on about how punk is supposed to be and how it's not supposed to be, fuck it, it's just a fashion and a lost cause ruined by the media: Green Day, Sum 41, Blink 182, and of course you people can name the rest. Punk is now worse than metal, a pop scene exploited by rich corporations and businessmen.

as a punk

i love it


i like it cause thats my life story

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3.63 / 5.00

Nov 10, 2002
12:31 PM EST
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