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Zelda Breath of the Wild Anime Commercial

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Ready for new adventures with Link? Don't forget to equip with the fresh and tasty milk from the Lon Lon Farm! Lon Lon Milk is full of vitamins and calcium! You never know when you need 5 refreshed hearts! Lon Lon Milk!

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Hilarious, unexpected commercial for - SPOILERS!!! Not the game itself BotW!

It's for something from the Legend of Zelda Series.

It's for Lon-Lon Milk. Actually thought it was for the game itself!
Friggin unexpected, ridiculous and funny

I really liked this animation. ^-^ I thought it was just an animation of Link going on adventures, but the ending caught me by surprise. XD Keep up the good work.

The joke is there.
Very original;
although it could've been better.
The animation was really good though.

5 stars. because milk + Link = commercial.

Very clever xD

We all thought it was a BotW ad when it was really for the milk xP
Liked the animation too, well done.