Little island (lego brickfilm)

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WARNING: I think its not very good quality. And its without sounds I can upload version with sounds later.


There's something really weird but intriguing about watching a lego man kill, cook, and eat a spider..... at any rate, I think a lot of things were done well/pretty cool, e.g. the fire effect. The only issue is that if you're going to go above 2-3 minutes in an animation, you NEED sound... not necessarily dialogue, but sound effects or music. I know you note this/are aware of it in your comments and another reviewer mentioned it, but it's pretty big - probably the difference between 2 and 3 stars. If you are going to submit work without sound then each day we see what the survivor is up to has to be shorter and more interesting, otherwise the 6 minutes drag.

I always wanted to do lego movies *:* thats so cool

SirBricky responds:

Then do! what are you waiting for? release your imagination! :D If you dont know how then there are many tutorials how to make lego brickfilms.

There's quite a bit of effort put into the details of this, or, at least, far more than I was expecting. Initially, I was hoping for sounds and music, but I grew fond of it as a silent movie. I'm actually afraid of the possibility that adding them now might make this less enjoyable. Great work, SirB.

Its amazing. Reminds me days when i did Lego stop-motion with my dad. They weren`t nearly as good. Only downside is sound. You should`ve added those into this version (im just too lazy and oblivious that ill forget it soon :p)

4 stars. Animation is great. It could only be more entertaining if you added sound.


SirBricky responds:

I will add sounds im now working on it. I will upload version with sounds. :)

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2.12 / 5.00

Feb 19, 2017
4:00 AM EST