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Ryder Revenge Unlimited (pt.01)

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Ryder Revenge Unlimited (pt.01)

Story happens at the same time as Ryder Revenge Forever, but in other places.

Additional Information about movie:

One Angle - The Boss Rangers (Cyborg - Protagonist this movie)
- I'm really sorry, but in 2015 I started this movie and before I not created multiple angles this character... in the next part, I promise to do better.

Scene created in 2015. (Time 1:10 - 2:20)
- Who bought on my old Djjaner Bandcamp, Ryder Revenge full soundtrack compilation. So gained a bonus, which contained this unfinished scene in the first phase.

For Reviewers:
Q: Heart doesnt make blood
A: He is Cyborg... :)

Special thanks:
Krinkels -Creator Madness Combat
JohnyPixel -Super weapon pack for this great movie

Additional thanks:
MadCzech Community -Thanks a lot, bros!
Sunshaft / Winside
and Fans...

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Why did you do 9/11?

The animation is smooth, the sprites work well, the old fashioned door has me kicking a bit with nostalgia. The series was always great and always will be. My old question is: Will the green (plasma?) weapons of old be making a return in the Unlimited series of RR?

Not bad. Nice done

Not bad. Nice done

Really, REALLY COOL!!!